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Completing job applications and preparing for interviews – at all levels

With rising unemployment and the strong competition for each job vacancy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a job. For many women, the thought of going for an interview is a bit daunting, maybe because they have not been to an interview in many years, perhaps through bringing up children or having been in a job for a long time but have been made redundant.

Women@One recognises this, and as we are an organisation with the needs of women in mind, we have created a special, tailor-made job-hunting skills service.

The service is based upon our many years in management and our experience in interviewing hundreds of people at all levels. We therefore have the knowledge of what Panels are looking for when they are selecting candidates and we can give this behind-the-scenes perspective to our clients, thus enabling them to present themselves in the best possible light, fully knowing what the Panel will be looking for and judging them on.

Our service includes:
* CV evaluation, organisation and presentation
* How to match your application form to the requirements of the employer
* How to construct your Covering Statement or Letter of Application in line with the Person Specification.
* Interview skills coaching with professional feedback

This service is both impartial and objective. We do not say what you want to hear, but rather, we say what you need to hear, warts and all, and we do so in a constructive and helpful way.

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